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Phase-Out of 500 million T12 fluorescent lighting tubes by the Department of Energy starts on July 14

Apr 03, 2012 7:39 PM est    Location: Miami, Florida United States

April 3, 2012 (Miami, Florida) – Effective July 14, 2012, production of most T12 florescent lamps will be phased out, as mandated by the 2009 Department of Energy General Service Lamp legislation. Many of the standard fluorescent lights- an estimated 500 million T12 tubes – in millions of buildings will need to be replaced starting in July 2012. The Department of Energy (DOE) regulations will eliminate the most common T12 tubes. It is estimated that the replacement of 500 million T12 tubes would produce an annual saving of $10 Billion in electricity costs nationwide.


LUXADD is the only U.S. manufacturer of the new Express T5 Retrofit Kit Series to meet new Federal law mandating replacement of standard T12 (and elective replacement of T8 fluorescent light tubes to save up to 73% in lighting energy costs).


It’s a Big Job.
Why Facilities Need to Update Their Lighting Now.


The millions of building and facilities that are using conventional T12 fluorescent systems will need to update their systems soon. Waiting until the phase–out deadline will result in a rush on replacement lighting products – and drive up the cost of the decreasing supply of remainingT12 components. Historically, nearly 30% of all the fluorescent lighting sold in the U.S. was T12 technology. That’s going away.


Lighting is an energy hog


Lighting is the single largest user of electricity in the U.S. New, patented technology from LUXADD allows for easy retrofitting of older, less efficient fluorescent lighting systems to T5, the leader in energy efficiency and lighting quality. The T5 saves up to 73% on lighting energy and reduces a company’s carbon footprint up to 60% with just one simple “SNAP” – like changing a light bulb. It is “plug and play” technology anyone can do does not require maintenance personnel.


Where Lighting Is Most Costly


Rising energy costs directly impact all buildings in the U.S. Retail and service buildings in the U.S. use 149 billion kWh (or 508 trillion Btu) of site electricity (electricity consumed within the building) each year. This electricity is used for a variety of different purposes, the most being used for lighting (59%).


The majority of this electricity is used for lighting and office equipment (24%) (such as computers, printers, faxes and photocopiers). Both lighting and office equipment produce heat, requiring more air conditioning - another electricity end use - to cool the buildings.


The following percentage of electricity used simply to light different types of buildings includes:

- Retail and Service: 59%

- Education: 56%

- Office: 44%

- Health Care: 44%

- Food Service: 30%


One-Year, Rapid ROI, Made In the U.S.A.


LUXADD can instantly improve lighting energy efficiency up to 73% and also save on air conditioning electricity costs used to cool the building due to heat produced by old-technology fluorescent lighting. The overall energy savings with LUXADD are up to 80%. LUXADD offers the only linear fluorescent lighting conversion adapter specifically designed for the US and Canadian market. It is designed for all residential and commercial applications- and it’s Made in the U.S.A.



LUXADD Express T5 Retrofit Kit for T12 (double)




LUXADD™ is a leading lighting solution provider based in Miami, FL and is comprised of experts dedicated to developing new technologies that improve energy efficiency in lighting, the single largest consumer of electricity worldwide. The U.S. Department of Energy's fluorescent lighting made official that most of the T12 lamps will be phased out of production starting IN July 2012. Current lighting systems consisting of T12 fixtures with magnetic ballast will be retrofitted to modern T5 lamp technology with electronic ballast over time.


Environmental concerns, escalating energy costs and highly competitive economic conditions have created strong demand for energy efficient products that will help to conserve energy, save money and promote a healthy environment. LUXADD™ meets this need with products that dramatically reduce electricity consumption instantly while producing higher quality light. LUXADD™ is a registered trademark and the conversion adapter – the LUXADD Express T5 Retrofit Kit series is a patented technology. The company’s products are in compliance with the LEED and NAHB green building standards.


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