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Greensmith Energy Storage and ZEN Solar Announce Global Partnership

Jun 28, 2012 11:22 PM est    Location: Washington, DC United States

Energy storage company Greensmith Energy Management Systems and South-Australian solar developer ZEN Energy Systems signed a formal partnership agreement earlier this month. In the agreement, Greensmith will provide software licenses for its Battery Operating System to ZEN, who will market and deliver a line of energy storage products in Australia.


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Greensmith, previously a provider of turn-key energy storage systems, has started a shift towards a stand-alone software and controls business. In this partnership, ZEN will use the Greensmith Battery Operating System and associated software applications as the core computing technology inside a new line of energy storage systems.


These applications include a wide variety of functions for customers on both sides of the meter; for instance frequency regulation for utility customers, and cost optimization around on-peak and off-peak periods for behind-the-meter customers. ZEN will also use Greensmith’s proprietary Battery Management System to ensure optimal management of each electron.


ZEN will market the products, manage the supply chain of batteries and inverters, and deliver the final products to its local customers in Australia.


Greensmith has previously provided turn-key systems in conjunction with solar projects. The company recently released a case study about their project with leading CPV developer Amonix. Greensmith continues to take orders for turn-key systems outside of Australia, but over time will focus primarily on the computing side of the business, with future revenues coming primarily from software licenses.


The Big Data Opportunity


In addition to the operating system and software applications, Greensmith will provide a hosted user portal and analytics services to tune the operation of individual units. With countless sensors tracking data every 1.5 seconds, this is clearly a Big Data optimization opportunity which Greensmith has recognized.


Through the online user portal, customers with multiple units will tap into centralized fleet management, a timely offering for utility customers with a mounting interest in asset management systems.


Pioneering a Path to Market


With this partnership in place, Greensmith will leverage ZEN’s established solar business as a viable path to bring energy storage to the bourgeoning Australian market. System sizes range from residential scale (5 kW / 20 kWh) to commercial and utility scale. The residential product will be deployed and tested over the upcoming summer season, and available to the general residential marketplace in fall 2012.


Commenting on the new partnership, Greensmith CEO John Jung said: “We are pleased to see this agreement finalized. ZEN has the marketing and supply-chain expertise to make this agreement work, and we are already seeing the first orders come in from ZEN’s initial outreach activities.”


ZEN Powerbank Unit

About Greensmith Energy Management Systems

Greensmith is a leading provider of energy storage technologies. Privately held, and based in Washington DC, Greensmith is recognized by electric utilities and industry experts for providing innovative energy storage solutions for multi-functional applications. Greensmith holds several patents in the areas of intelligent control, integration and storage of electricity. Now in its third generation of Battery Operating System software, Greensmith is beginning to sell a stand-alone computing product to provide wide-ranging functionality in the stationary energy storage marketplace.

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About ZEN Energy Systems

 ZEN Energy Systems, a premier Australian solar developer has been a start-up success story since its inception in 2004. CEO Richard Turner earned the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2010 after growing the company by 800% for two consecutive years, turning a significant profit in the process. ZEN has also been awarded South Australia's fastest growing company back to back in 2010 and 2011. Servicing the residential, business and utility markets, ZEN is the largest dedicated solar energy company operating in South Australia and one of the largest in Australia. The award winning company employs over 100 employees and supports a network of 250 installers and regional franchises.

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